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Join us on July 14th at 7 PM ET for a Harvard community town hall to engage with Harvard Forward's candidates for the University's Board of Overseers - John Beatty, Lisa Bi Huang, Margaret Purce, Jayson Toweh, and Thea Sebastian. The event will be an opportunity to engage in a conversation around the intersection of climate, health, and racial justice at a critical time in the history of the University and the world.  


Encourage Harvard alumni in your network to attend and to vote in the election, which is open as of July 1st. You can find voting instructions, learn more about the candidates and policy proposals, or volunteer with the campaign at


Harvard Forward Candidates:

John Beatty, Lisa Bi Huang, Margaret Purce, Thea Sebastian, Jayson Toweh

Learn more about the candidates here.



Saad Amer

Founder and Director, Plus1Vote

College '16

John Oppermann

Executive Director, Earth Day Initiative

HLS '10


Loren Blackford

Director and Investment Committee Chair, Sierra Club Foundation
HKS '94


Nilab Rahyar Tolton, HLS '10

Alana St. Aude, HLS '10

Claret Vargas, College '96, GSAS (M.A. '99, Ph.D. '03), HLS '10

Kan Yan, HLS '11

Jessica Adler Kuznick,  College '88

Christina Brittain, HLS '11

Crystal Rose, HMS '01

HMS Students for Environmental Awareness in Medicine

If you or your organization are willing to help publicize this event, sign up to co-host! You can also invite your friends to the event on Facebook.

Tuesday, July 14th, 7 PM Eastern Time

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