Exercise your right to nominate candidates to the Harvard Board of Overseers by signing for Yvette, Megan, and Natalie. 

You can submit your nominations entirely online, but it does take a few minutes of your time. Simply follow the instructions below.

We need 2,987 alumni signatures by February 1, so tell your friends to sign too!

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Please note: Harvard degree holders from any of the schools are eligible to nominate and vote. However, alumni with any current professional affiliation to the school (such as faculty, staff, research assistants, etc) are ineligible from nominating or voting for Overseers.


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Alternatively, email the HAA telling them you wish to nominate all three Harvard Forward candidates to the Board of Overseers. Include your name, degree, and graduation year so they can match you to the alumni directory, and they will provide you with a HarvardKey so you can proceed with the rest of the process on the official petition page.




24 Hour Waiting Period/Ineligibility Notice

Unfortunately, alumni who hold professional affiliations at Harvard are ineligible to nominate or vote for Overseers. This includes faculty, staff, and those with other teaching, research, or administrative positions.

However, it appears that many alumni are incorrectly being told that they are ineligible to nominate when they should be eligible.  


Apparently, this error message may be caused by a 24 hour waiting period for new HarvardKey users. If you have just claimed your HarvardKey and are unable to nominate, please wait 24 hours then try again.

If the issue continues after 24 hours, please contact the HAA using the emails listed in Option B above. Thank you for persisting!

Once you log into the official petition site, you will click through two information pages.

Next, you will be prompted to enter the "Nominator information." This is YOUR information. Please enter your first name, last name, school, and 4 digit graduation year.

If you have multiple degrees, any degree should work.


Alumni can nominate multiple candidates to the ballot. Follow the instructions on the petition site and please nominate ALL THREE candidates with this information:

  • Yvette Efevbera | Chan School of Public Health, 2018

  • Megan Red Shirt-Shaw* | Graduate School of Education, 2017

*Megan's last name is "Red Shirt-Shaw" and should be entered entirely in the last name field.

  • Natalie Unterstell | Harvard Kennedy School, 2016

To nominate multiple candidates, make sure to select the Nominate button after submitting your first and your second nominations:

All in all, here is what each of your three nominations should look like:


Make sure to type your signature and press Submit on your nominations to make sure that they are counted.

It's also worth double checking that you did indeed submit separate nominations for

all three candidates!


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Looking to get more involved?

You can also contact the HAA help desk by phone at 800-823-2478 or 617-496-0559 (M-F, 9AM - 5PM ET)